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7 Things You Never Knew About Bad Posture & Slouching

1. Your Head Will Ache Strange, right? Well no, actually – headaches and migraines among slouchers are pretty common, for several reasons. Slouching and bad posture can cause both muscle tension along your neck and upper back, which radiates upwards to your head. That, and slouching also restricts your breathing, which brings us on to… 2. You’ll Breathe Less Naturally Bad posture and unnatural or strained breathing go hand in hand – you can try this out for yourself. Slouchers actually restrict their respiratory system by not standing straight – the system which allows air to both enter and exits the body much more smoothly – and by standing up straight, the respiratory system is less scrunched. 3. You’ll Have Less Upper Body...

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Posture at Work - Why it's Important and How to Improve

“Sit up, don’t slouch.” This is advice that we’ve all heard at one point or another. I know that I have, I’m sure you too. For the most part, I never took this advice too seriously… Big mistake. Even though I had been suffering from chronic back pain ever since I was a teenager, it wasn’t until I started working at an office, 9-to-5 in front of a computer, that I understood the undeniable importance of good posture. Why? Because besides the fact that I wasn’t enjoying the great benefits of good posture, I was also suffering from the pains of bad posture. And that, my friends, is the first step towards improving posture at the office. Seeing the signs....

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How Daily Movement Helps Improve Posture and Health

As we blaze through the new year and navigate our busy lives, it’s important to pause and check in with our health. More specifically, are we maintaining the resolutions we set this year? Are we on course with our health and fitness goals and maintaining good posture? It’s perfectly natural to sway off course and sometimes it helps to do an audit and realign accordingly. Today, we’re talking about the power of movement. Not just turning the head side to side, but really shaking things up. Let’s face it, many of us live somewhat sedentary lives due to a variety of contributing factors: work, injuries, etc. With a little movement, we can circumvent sedentary behaviors and shake things up to improve...

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Ways to Improve Your Posture Every Day

Good posture is like a screwdriver. You likely have dozens of tools in your kit, but which one do you grab to solve most problems? We’re not suggesting good posture is a cure-all, rather an effective way to invite daily wellbeing into your life. Here’s a list of four daily habits that demonstrate the importance of good posture. Why? Every day we wake up and go to bed. The hours in between are when we fall into a daily rhythm that requires mental clarity, focus and cognition. To truly set ourselves up for optimal performance and life-long habits that foster health and wellness, we need to learn how to make good posture a habit. Consider this a brief lifestyle audit...

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More Exercises To Improve Your Posture

Good posture defines us, as it determines the way we walk, sit, and stand. Often, people develop bad posture without knowing. There are little things we do on a daily basis that can affect our posture, ranging from the way we sit, stand, and sometimes the way we walk. If nothing is done to correct the bad posture, over time the person tends to start bending and develops stiffness in the joints and other parts of the body. The following list offers several ways to improve your posture, making you more flexible and agile. Avoid slouching when walking: One of the best ways to improve your posture is to avoid slouching while walking. According to physiotherapists, most cases of poor or...

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